Personnel in the Dean’s Office and Departments


NOTE: This chart shows staff positions in the College, but does not provide the names of individuals filling them. To find names and contact info for A&S Dean’s Office staff, visit the College directory; to find names and contact info for department personnel, visit the individual departments’ websites.


Assistant to the Dean

Office Associates (4)

Associate Dean, Social Sciences

Department Chairs (7)

Compliance Officer

Director, Museums

Associate Dean, Sciences

Department Chairs (6)

Building Managers

Associate Dean, Humanities

Department Chairs (9)

Coordinator, Academic Integrity Initiatives

Directors, Collaborative Arts Research Initiative (2)

Director, McCollough Institute

Associate Dean, International Studies

Director, Cuba Center

Director, Asian Studies

Director, Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies (LACLS)

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Director, College Relations

Communications Specialist

Director, Financial Affairs

Accounting Specialists (3)


Sr. Director, Development

Associate Directors, Development (2)

Assistant, Development

Director, Student Services

Assistant Director, Student Services

Director of Endowments and Honors

Director, Parker Adams and First Year Initiatives

Director, Pre-Law Advising

Director, Health Professions Advising

Director, Experiential Learning

Director, General Advising Programs

College Registrars (3)

Academic and Program Advisors (7)

Office Associates and Program Assistants (3)

Director, College Support Boards and Annual Funds

Director, Community Engagement and Economic Development

Events Coordinator

Senior Information Officer, eTech

Faculty Technology Liaison

Director, Web Operations

Web Developer

PHP Developer

Web Design Specialist

Director, Digital Content

Digital Editorial Specialists (2)

Logistics Coordinator

Office and Computer Lab Manager

Office Associate

Systems Manager

Systems Specialist