Chairs’ Meetings and Annual Retreat

Monthly Chairs’ Meeting

This monthly meeting (dates and times are on the chairs’ calendar) provides an opportunity for the dean and the Dean’s Office staff to provide information on new initiatives and policies, to introduce guests from other campus offices, and to solicit feedback from chairs concerning their unit’s operations.

If a chair is unable to attend a meeting, he or she must notify the Dean’s Office and make every effort to send a representative. Agendas are generated by the Dean’s Office and circulated to chairs prior to the meeting. Any chair may add items to the agenda by contacting the Dean’s Office to make a request, and minutes of the meetings are kept and distributed at the following meeting.

Annual Chairs’ Retreat

Once a year, typically in early September, the dean holds the Chairs’ Retreat. This is a time for chairs and the Dean’s Office staff to discuss College-wide issues, set goals, and make plans for the future. Retreats are usually held for one full day at an off-campus location. Chairs are required to attend.