University of Alabama Substantive Change Policy

The University of Alabama Substantive Change Policy (PDF) resides on the University’s policies page.

The first link below is to the 56-page PDF file that contains the entirety of the April 17, 2014 document. Below that, you will find a series of links to the documents and websites that comprise the whole of the 56-page PDF. This has been done to give users access to the links in the SACSCOC policy that did not remain active in the PDF.

Part 1. University of Alabama Substantive Change Policy and Procedure (PDF): This is the complete 56-page document.  (circulated April 17, 2014)

Part 2. UA Substantive Change Routing Approval Form

Part 3. Appendix A: Substantive Change for SACSCOC Accredited Institutions (link to the SACSCOC website)

Part 4. Appendix B: UA Policy on Converting an Approved Campus-Based Degree or Certificate Program to a Distance Offering

Part 5. Addendum 1: UA Credit Hour Definition/Policy

Part 6.  Addendum 2: Combining Two or More Degree Programs into One Assessment Plan

Part 7.  Addendum 2, part. 1: Request to Combine Degree Programs into Single Annual Assessment Plan