Service Possibilities for FTTIs and CLTFs

  • Instructor Liaison Committee (to create links between FTTIs and full faculty)
  • Departmental public relations committees
  • FLC involvement
  • Assessment Committee
  • Coordinator of brown bag lunch series (e.g., on teaching methodologies, course management, grading consistency, etc.)
  • Organizer of departmental lecture series
  • GTA teaching mentors
  • Capstone Alliance, Safe Zone, or other organizational reps
  • Sponsors for student organizations
  • Departmental newsletter
  • University Space and Facilities rep
  • Study abroad organizers
  • LifeTrack Faculty Committee
  • Editorial boards for journals
  • Active Learning involvement
  • Outreach programs at local schools
  • Writers of letters of recommendation
  • Organizers of local arts, cultural, and other events

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