Welcome to eChairs

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences eChairs website–a password-protected resource designed to provide department chairs and program directors with information that can assist them in carrying out their duties.

This website is based on the eChairs tool created by Senior Associate Dean Carmen Burkhalter for the College of Arts and Sciences in the Summer of 2009. The content has been pulled from Dean’s Office official communications, the 2002 Arts and Sciences Chairs Handbook, UA policy and procedure guidelines, and from original content written by Dr. Russell McCutcheon. Every effort is made to keep this resource current. Please feel free to ask for modifications or suggest updates as needed. Rebecca Johnson and Lisa Yessick currently maintain the content of this site.

Note: Although every effort has been made to ensure that the policies and procedures described on this site are accurate, chairs are advised to check with their divisional associate dean when in doubt.